Discoid is the perfect Discord bot.
Discoid is a bot that's built to do everything you want it to do. From music to moderation to fun commands, Discoid is just right for everyone.

Music features
Discoid features a built-in music feature that supports YouTube queries, URLs, and SoundButt URLs. Support is planned for Spotify, direct links, and playlists from SoundButt and YouTube.
Moderation and Utility
Discoid is capable of automatically kicking/banning users on offense of triggering certain keywords (like swear words) or manual moderation. It has a comprehensive logging system built in to track everything in your server. You can retrieve information about servers or users and a lot more.
Fun features
Discoid can retrieve many things. You can retrieve game information or random pictures under certain categories and a lot more. You can even create your own fun commands through Discoid's custom command framework.
So, why Discoid?
You should be using Discoid because of many reasons. Discoid is being used in over 9,000 servers. Discoid, unlike some bots, is updated frequently and has an active community. Discoid is ran on a paid-for server to give you the best possible quality in response and music. Lastly, Discoid's just pretty awesome.

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